Aspasia Daskalopoulou

I’m a science and data journalist based in London, UK.

As a science writer and communicator for ambitious UK startups, my mission is to make their science understandable and help them get noticed. I'm a founding member of the largest science fair in Greece and, until recently, I was the science editor of a leading national newspaper. In the past, I've worked on the production of science documentaries for National Geographic. I've studied science journalism and data journalism in the US, and I have a background in environmental science.

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My expertise, my passion

I'm building awareness of the role that science and data play in our lives.

Data Journalism

I was the data literacy expert of the SaaS company Geckoboard. I've completed the Lede program for Data Journalism at Columbia University.

Science Journalism

I was the science editor of the Greek daily newspaper Kathimerini.
I've studied Science Journalism at Boston University.

Investigative Journalism

I've investigated social issues for Protagonistes, one of the most successful documentary series on Greek television.

Creative Production

I'm a founding member of the
Athens Science Festival, and I've served as its head of communication.

Science Documentaries

I've produced science documentaries for National Geographic Channel and NOVA PBS.

Book Translation

I'm translating popular science books from English to Greek for the
Crete University Press.

Here’s a selection of my work

Data Visualization Tips

Together with a talented illustrator, I've recently put together a cheatsheet to help people create simpler and more efficient charts to communicate
their data.

Athens Science Festival

In 2014, with a group of science communicators, we founded the first science fair in Greece. Every year, for one week, our festival attracts around 40,000 visitors.

Discussions with
Nobel Laureates

As a freelance science journalist for European media, I've covered science meetings and interviewed Prof. Saul Perlmutter, among other distinguished scientists.

The Truth Behind the Organ Donation System

I've spent months investigating the organ donation and transplantation system in Greece. In two episodes, I revealed the hard facts and the untold stories of this health crisis.

Expedition Apocalypse for NatGeo

Organizing a shoot in Siberia, for the National Geographic documentary "Expedition Apocalypse," was one of the biggest challenges, and successes, at the beginning of my career.

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